Meet Maya, she’s oh… so slender, legal, and tender. Our new addition has a mission. With skin so fair she delivers with flair; a body so hot it burns to touch. She’s new in town and looking friendly. When she first arrived to our fair city I took her to the buffet at the Aria she looked wide eyed at all the plenty. A body like hers has to be fed, not too much though, and the moves she makes made my senses dance, if you get my drift. “You live in paradise” she said. “And you now have it made. You also live in paradise.” “Yes I do she replied” as she tauntingly eyed the length of my body, pausing just long enough on…to set my blood to boil, while moving closer and rubbing her body onto mine. She lit a fire in me that the devil himself would have been proud of. I know what she can do; you can bet on that. “You can’t have just one.”

Maya, a new definition to “heat!”

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My Mission

Your Well-Being is our top priority

We offer high quality therapeutic massage treatments in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. We provide a door-to-door massage therapy service which gives you the chance to escape from the pressure and demands of your life. And We aim to restore, and re-balance your energy levels. By the time we finish your treatment, you will feel rejuvenated and revived, physically and mentally.

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay.

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Our Team

Welcome to your portal of sensual bliss and total healing.


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Meet the Incomparable Urika



Meet Passionate Anna

Take a date with flare. Add even more Excitement and Magic to your stay.

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