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Mobile massage Las Vegas – Bliss!

Mobile Massage Las Vegas –  Will be in your hotel room in only 30 mins!

Mobile massage Las Vegas is one of the few massage services that offer some of the best therapeutic services in Vegas. We are open for twenty four hours and offer both western and oriental massage services. mobile massage las vegas If you have decided to go for a mobile massage, here is a few head ups for which type of massage is suitable for you. In MOST cases, massage therapy promotes relaxation and high levels of revitalization to the body. However, western massage and oriental massage usually differ in their approach. For example, mobile massage las vegas western massage styles are mainly based on the physical  body improvements. On the other hand, oriental massage approaches are based on promoting energy flow. Aiming at balancing energy in both mind and body. Some of the common techniques in mobile massage western massages include gliding, tapping, kneading and vibration. But the techniques used for oriental massage include rocking, striking, and rolling among many other strokes, which are a bit vigorous than western.

Oriental Style – Mobile massage Las Vegas

Oriental massages mostly focus on energy flow and balances within the body. Some of the common therapeutic strategies and approaches of oriental massages include Yoga, Qi, Tai Chi, etc. Oriental massages stimulates and soothes body joints especially along energy meridians while western massages mostly realign and restore the whole body system. It includes digestive system, nervous system, and muscles. Our oriental massage therapists assess the clients’ conditions from their tongue and pulse. When they detect any energy block, energy imbalance, they would work on the meridian pathways to let the energy flow freely. The reason you have headache, stomachache, or have heart or kidney disease, whatever the pain you are experiencing is due to the fact that your energy path is blocked.

Western Style- Mobile massage Las Vegas

Western massage mainly focuses on body anatomy, pathology, and physiology. Ultimately,  it aims for relaxation, blood circulation in the body and relieve the client from muscle tension. The therapists use various techniques including gliding, tapping as well as friction and vibration. Some of the common western therapies include deep tissue massage, sports massage and soft tissue massage. In oriental massage, all the work-outs are done on the floor while western massages are done on the table.