“With Passion and flair this tasty morsel will your saber dare. A coed by day, in your hotel room by night will lay. Awaiting your call for a magical Las Vegas stay!”

masseuse Anna

Anna is a student of ancient philosophies. She works nights to pay for her studies and she is a devoted worker, a serious student, one like you’ve never met.

She devotes her evening hours to her learnings at the library glued to her laptop studying ancient cultures and their habits. That is why she will not visit your hotel room before 10 PM. She believes in hands on experience the personal growth and the sharing of ecstatic experiences. Anna your new Las Vegas massage therapist finds especially rewarding the feeling of healing others, and bringing them back to a stabilized Karma. She believes that the work she does give her the Lingam energy that she returns with her Yoni that make her feel like she can challenge the stars in the heavens.

Anna “Enchanting Escapes Awaits You”

Call Anna 702 326 3755

Our Mission

Your well-being and satisfaction is our top priority

We specialize in delivering exceptional mobile massage services to hotel rooms in Las Vegas. Perfect present to treat yourself, simply the best massage service that will make you feeling a new.

When you receive your massage session with Las Vegas massage therapist Anna, you’ll encounter a captivating blend of youth, fun, and esoteric charm.

Her vibrant kaleidoscope of energy, you’ll be weaved into a tapestry of energy coupled with mystery. With a playful spirit and a touch of the mystical, Anna’s company is an invitation to explore the senses unknown. In her presence, every moment becomes a delightful journey into the imaginative and enigmatic.

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay.

1 hour: $300 (Gratuities not included)

masseuse Anna

Book Anna 702 326 3755

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