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Meet Our Gentle Kikki.

With sophisticated flair she will nest in your lair. (300$/h plus pls tip)

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The Incomparable Urika.

With dedication and loving care, your chi she will repair.

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Meet Passionate Anna!

With passion and flair this tasty morsel will your saber dare.

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Outcall Las Vegas Massage

Sensual Massage Las Vegas Welcome to your portal of  Sensual Bliss and Total Healin Outcall LasVegas Massage! This site is dedicated to discrete and sophisticated delivery of Sensual Massage to your Hotel Room.

Welcome to your portal of  Sensual Bliss and Total Healing  

Outcall Las Vegas Massage ! This site is dedicated to discrete and sophisticated delivery of Sensual Massage to your Hotel Room.

We welcome all ladies and gentlemen to indulge in our innovative World of pure Imagination! A wonderful world of Sensual Massage! Even more, A fabulous form of adult relaxation Therapy.

This innovative form of mesmerizing Massage was designed and created by a former Las Vegas Massage student 9 years ago. As a creative and avid sensualist. She believed there was a sensual niche that needed to be fulfilled, as opposed to blatant escort services. So she created a beautiful blend of Therapeutic Massage therapy with body to body techniques. Her skills merged with velvety soft caresses and Tantric Massage secrets. It is sensual pleasure as opposed to sexual intimacy.

So please enjoy our Mobile Outcall Services . Because Our ladies will provide you with a treat to meet all of your expectations and keep you coming back for more!

The Outcall Las Vegas Massage

It is a magical source that heightens your senses through a complete psychic and physical massage. While it designed to nourish ones total biology. The mind, the spirit and the flesh.  Seems like, The Tantra family type massage focuses on nourishing ones total being and feeding one’s creation itself.  One can well say that we offer sustenance for your soul. And we offer nourishment to your mind through a magical physical body experience.  We deliver nourishment and replenishment in a social desert as barren as any ever created by nature.  Partake in our signature twin services.  The Tantra Massage or also the more extreme Nuru Massage

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The Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage is a full total Body to Body contact massage.  It is a therapeutic Outcall Las Vegas Massage  with total naked skin body experience.  First of all it is The Art of sensual healing is an ancient one. Furthermore,  The primary purposes of Tantra are to awaken the energy in your body, mind and soul.  Never underestimate the healing power of human touch! And the hard won knowledge of pressure and pleasure points of the human body.  This expert knowledge is a science acquired through centuries of dedicated ancient healers.  It takes years of practice and hard experimentation. It acquire the expertise of exerting Just the right pressure! Just the right touch! Just the right motion! Using the right body part, at “Just the right spot.”  May be Tantra today ? and  it will probably put the magic back in your life to stay.

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The Nuru Massage

Seems like The Name Nuru comes from the Japanese word for “slippery.”  As a result: The Nuru Massage is a full total Body to Body contact massage.  Similarly, It is a therapeutic Massage  with total naked skin experience .  It combines a Tantra and Swedish Massage technique to project an experience second to none.  Also, The Nuru Massage adds an extra dimension to the Tantra Massage through the deployment of emulsion. It is a wet and slippery massage.  Gently sliding over body on body and gently awakening your senses while, working each and every muscle using the ancient Nuru technique. If you enjoyed a Sensual Massages before you’d love a Nuru Massage. Because Nuru massage delivers the ultimate therapeutic sensual sensation. Un-cage the wild passion in you. Join the “hooked” and come beggin for more.  Call us today and with us forever you will stay.

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