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Little Known Ways To Give Swedish Massage To Your Shoulders!

The upper parts of the body, mainly the neck and shoulders are the parts that carry most tension and they are more prone towards muscle strain. If you are suffering from any such pain, then, Swedish massage is very highly recommended for treatment of such pain. Regular massage sessions will eventually help you relax and will relieve all the tension.

If you are looking to carry out effective Swedish massage, follow the below mentioned steps:-

Apply oil on the palms and run them together to warm up the oil. Make the client lie down with face down and put your hands on the shoulders and start circular motion with fingers and palms. Move towards the neck and shoulders simultaneously, eventually moving towards the whole body. Start from neck to lower body and repeat the same while coming back to top. Continue this upwards and backward motion and then same thing for other shoulder.

 Swedish-Massage-Las-Vegas-OutCallLasVegasMassageNow, target the shoulder blade. Rub down till you reach the shoulder blade. Insert your second hand on the top of the shoulder at the same time, let your first hand towards the bottom. Repeat the above mentioned motion for given time.

For extra pressure, put your thumb in the targeted area for extra movement in Swedish massage. Start with light pressure and gradually increase the pressure.

On the knots, apply constant pressure to make them relax. If the client experiences any pain than apply less pressure and gradually increase. Use required pressure to release the knot.

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