4 Hands Massage Vegas

4 Hands Massage Vegas


Supreme Massage by 2

Another level of  Las Vegas  4 hands Massage Vegas  Services with Supreme Session by 2 therapists using 4 hands at the same time which is in harmony for the entire body. Well trained and united 2 masseuses deliberately manipulate massage sequences in order to embrace customers with profound relaxing.

Experience the decadence of a sensual 4-Hand Massage.

4 Hands Massage is a truly indulgent experience you won’t forget. This is a powerful treatment, perfect for those that have a hard time completely letting go and relaxing. Two Therapists  working  simultaneously with your body in one harmonious treatment. At times mirroring each other, while at other times alternating the flow, like waves on the shore lapping over your body.


4 Hands Massage can also blend point pressure and stretching together.Like a Thai Massage . It is very beneficial to those who have stiffness, sore, and tired from daily activities at work, sports, or suffering from some physical problems.Yes It enhances strength and flexibility, relaxes pain, sore and tense muscles. It can help to recover lost range of movement. Moreover, it encourages all circulation in the body, activates immune system, promotes flexibility and detoxifies from the body. 

4 hands massage
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What is happening…?

When you have a 4-Hand Massage with two Therapists  working on your body, your mind reacts differently. At first you may find yourself trying to keep track of their movements, where each one is and what each one is doing, trying to maintain a picture in your mind. However, very quickly your brain realises it’s no longer sure who is doing what, as you give up control and surrender to the pleasure.

Our 4 hand Massage can be tailored to your likes and boundaries.

We work with a select number of associate therapists or our young apprentices , both male and female. So whether you want the full attention of two male and females a 4-Hand Massage could be right for you. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements, you won’t regret it.

Our pleasure will be delight – enjoy your stay in Las Vegas with the very best happy ending!

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay.

Call for one of our tantricas today: (702)326-3755

1 hour :250$ (Gratuities not included)

Open: 24/7


Our Massage Therapist Team

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24/7 Stand by Therapists for you

Within 35 min or less directly to your Las Vegas hotel room. 300$/h plus gratitudes are graciously accepted!
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