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Loved Amanda

I met Amanda during a recent visit to Las Vegas from London for work. I decided I needed a bit of tender healing and she was very accommodating and positive when we initially spoke on the phone. I found her to be quite engaging and genuine when we met in person and she took the time to make me feel welcome and at ease in her loft space even before we began our session. Her techniques and overall skill as a therapist are very very good. I have used other tantra service providers and I can say Amanda was the best thus far. She has a particularly delicate touch which was very effective at balancing me and I would definitely recommend her to beginners or those who have had many years of experience in tantra yoga. During our session, I felt her great energy which left me with a strong sense of warmth and well being. I was serene but deeply aroused and there were moments when I felt as if I had left my body and somehow floating above without any awareness of time passing. The breathing exercises and the strong aromas added a lot to our ceremony and I think I picked up subtle notes of sage and vanilla in the room. The total experience overall really infused me with a great deal of energy. I had been traveling quite a bit during these previous couple of weeks yet I did not feel tired at all. Overall It was a truly uplifting bit of indulgence for me and we not only connected on a mental level but I could just let go and be myself around her.