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Is Shiatsu Massage Worth The Money?

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage. The physical therapy, Shiatsu, dates back to over hundred years. It originated in Japan, but widely based on the holy Chinese medicinal practices. The prime focus of the therapy is to re juvenile the energy flow in the body, making you feel more active and energetic, also to correct any imbalance in the body. The literal translation of Shiatsu is finger pressure, that is the reason it more widely known as finger pressure massage. The therapy uses a very specific technique that comprises of the fingers and palm to apply specific pressure on the targeted area of the body. The technique also focuses on the energy flow of the body and helps to enhance it. The main reason to use therapy is to relieve chronic pain other forms of pain. Lower the stress level and improve blood circulation.

shiatsu massage

How To Perform?

The therapy is performed on a massage bed or on the floor. A bed in lower level is recommended and other important aspect is that is does not require any oil. So, you can remain fully clothed during the procedure. However, loose clothing or something comfortable is recommended. The therapy is not painful like deep tissue massage. As a matter of fact, a relaxed rhythmic sequence using fingers and palms is used. In the initial phase you might feel some pressure on some points as they are still tender but it eases out eventually and you will feel relaxed and recovered.

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