In room massage to go

The Magical Touch of Sensual Massage will make your Spirit Soar, Making you Breathless and Begging for More…

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24/7  outcall/ delivery massage to your Las Vegas hotel room

If you’re looking for a way to try out a massage in the comfort of your own home, you’ve come to the right place. offers in-room massages that are designed to help you relax and unwind, no matter how busy your schedule is. Whether you want a light rubdown or a deep tissue massage, or something in between, we have options that will fit into your life.

We believe that everyone deserves quality time with themselves, and that’s why we created Las Vegas massage, so you can get back to what matters most in your life: yourself.

In room massage TO GO

It is our specialty, meaning if you staying at Las Vegas Hotel our beautiful therapists will come to your door.

Do you desire a sensual, erotic, and spiritual tantric experience with one or two of our experienced and beautiful therapists?  But you do not have the time because your schedule doesn’t allow it?  Then our In Room Massage TO GO service is for you.

Our In Room massage TO GO

is one of a kind because out therapists are all exclusive. And your time with any of them will be unforgettable. We guarantee the Best Therapist in town.

We have a good reputation because all masseuses are hand-picked from all over. Also, we are a team of highly qualified Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Russian therapists.  Our girls in room massage TO GO are all completely genuine and whatever girl you choose online will be the one who walks in your door. Your chosen therapist will do all the work to satisfy your every need.

Relax and unwind with Las Vegas in room massage TO GO proven and guaranteed to reduce stress and anxiety. Spend your time with the beautiful young lady that always brings you some of the very best and most exciting moments.

Benefits of in room massage to go:

Sensual massage is a type of massage that can have meaningful benefits to both our bodies and our souls. Understanding these benefits can help us move past the snickering “happy ending” whispers that invariably arise when anyone mentions sensual massage because those of us who insist on equating sensual with sexual are doing ourselves a severe injustice where massage is concerned.

The first benefit and the one most people would think of if posed with the question is the benefit to a person’s health. The health benefit of sensual massage is twofold: First, it relieves stress. It often seems that every day doctors are diagnosing a new stress-related injury or condition. Stress is an inescapable aspect of being alive and the only way to conquer it is through activities like a massage that help drain off that tension before it becomes crippling.

In room massage to go

The second health-improving benefit of sensual massage is the sheer fact that it is a zero-impact stimulation. How many of the healthiest people around mention that they start every day with stimulation – a brisk walk, a yoga session, anything that gets the blood flowing and mind centered? For those who regularly receive sensual massage, this stimulation is provided at every session.

The health benefits are tangible and understandable to most people. The other key benefit of regular sensual massage is far less substantial, but arguably more needed and definitely more lacking for most people than health-enhancing stimulation. That benefit is intimate, nonsexual physical contact with another person…

in room massage to go

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay! Call for one of our Tantricas today: (702)326-3755

1 hour :300$ (Gratuities not included), Open: 24/7

Swedish or Deep Tissue

” let my fingers do the walking and start your body talking,”  Swedish Mobile Massage Las Vegas is your “Ticket” at the end of the day. You’ll be amazed at what it will do to your sleep and “bounce” the next day.”

Quick back/neck or Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Las Vegas has its roots deep within Indian culture. Vitality increases as the circulatory and respiratory systems open up to provide fresh oxygen and vital energies plus many other benefits. 


Uses their body to glide across yours for an unbelievable experience. The combination of gentle strokes, deep tissue work, stretching movements, and sensual touch helps to reduce stress levels while providing relief from physical discomfort.

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