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Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage and Tantric Massage

“Nothing exists that is not divine.”

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay.

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Touch is one of our most precious God given gifts. It extends throughout our body with a multitude of sensations. Each differing in the feeling it produces and the realm of our psyche it reaches. Whether you are in a relationship, single, young, old, male or female.  Our Tantra Massage will bring a new dimension to your life and your relationships. The word “Tantra” is Sanskrit, the sacred language of Hinduism. It is derived from the root word tan, which means “expansion, weaving, and awareness”. Certainly , Tantra Massage is continually expanding, spreading and manifesting itself like a “cosmic weave,” made up of different energies. You may choose one of the following: • Sensual Tantra Massage • Tantric Pampering Massage • Unique Yoni Massage • Nuru Massage • Couple Tantric Journey
The Bath Ceremony
“My full modesty was preserved as I donned a beautiful robe and slippers before heading toward the bubble bath, brimming with rose petals. My guide took my robe from me, glancing away in a sign of respect for my privacy, as I stepped into bath. We chatted casually as my guide relaxed my body, rubbing my feet, my legs and my inner thigh. Occasionally, my guide’s hand would drift tantalizingly near my mound, but only casually and very simply. I sat in awe as my guide easily and effortlessly played with my body, brushing bubbles over my breasts and cupping them gently. We did not stay in the bath as long because I might have desired, as my guide was concerned not to over saturate my skin with water, lessening the pleasure of the massage to follow. And in my robe again, we moved to the massage studio, where I was invited to lie face down upon the table, resting my head on a fresh towel and firm pillow. Having already removed my robe, my modesty was now partially protected by a towel running lengthwise across my midsection…”
The Massage
“Beginning at my shoulders, my guide applied lavish quantities of oil upon my body. My guide’s hands then rubbed along my back, sides and up toward the sides of my breasts.Also, With my hands extended over my head, I found myself anticipating more. Soon, I found myself crying silently for more. Because, How rich an experience it was to realize all that I needed was to relax and enjoy the ecstasy of this exquisite touch. Eventually it became time to remove the solitary towel, my body now crying out for exploration. As if reading my mind my guide’s well-oiled hands began to stroke along my buttocks. By now, my guide’s fingers had made it to most of the intimate parts of my body. Knowing that I was completely in my guide’s hands, literally and figuratively, allowing full access to wherever these intuitive and talented fingers were being guided. Amazingly, at that moment, I did not hesitate or feel reluctant for all of my body to be explored. My entire body now writhed and quivered uncontrollably as my buttocks thrust in the air, over and over again. I had relinquished control, and it was wonderful. I was left breathless and in ecstasy…”
Re-living my experience
“It was stunning to know that after 40 years on this planet so much could be revealed to me about the inner workings of my physical being. As a result, I was exhausted and invigorated all at the same time. I would sleep well that night, awaking the following morning with a feeling of clarity and creativity that can only be found when the body and mind and truly cleansed. During the days, which followed, I found myself looking back on that afternoon with a sense of memory ! Which would previously have been unimaginable.   Massage provides a vehicle for addressing the total needs of the female body.  And it has it’s own rhythm and purpose. The experience has opened my eyes and my body to a new level of being and I will forever be changed by the experience…”
Tantra massage

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