Meet our gentle Kikki.  With sophisticated flair she will nest in your lair.  This gentle kitty your lingam she will licky.  A gentle stroke deserving of a”Poke.”  Your soul to mend her Yoni your fancy to Nirvana it will send.

This pleasure seeking kitten works by day or night.  She is the first born child of the goddess Nymph.  She is ever so true to her nature that an hour will leave you breathless and totally spent.  Time and again she transformed her clients into devoted fans that she is booked for much of the time.  She is soft spoken and with a gentle hand, a soft touch, and a generates extreme erotic sensations in her clients.  Simple put “she is just that way.”  So, please understand that a last minute call will often find her unavailable.  So, for Kiki an early reservation is suggested as she will always leave wanting for more.   She is often asked to extend the session.

Kiki, a gentle touch with a magical tongue will make your dream a magical sweep.

Please call: (702)326-3755



Vegas Room Massage

Wellcome to Vegas Room Massage!  Kikki, our NEW precious Spanish gem.  She sparkles and glows with passion and compassion. This sublime young fresh  Masseuse. This lady is enchantingly engaging, wonderfully intriguing, well travelled, educated and superbly sensuous. Kikki ticks all the boxes. She is the epitome of a perfect Vegas Hotel Room Massage Masseuse . With her long, flowing dark hair, a cheeky glint in her eyes. And a spectacular smile, Kikki will make you melt. She is desirable, classy. And truly passionate about Vegas Room Massage. With experience in the fine Art of Tantric Touch, Kikki will take you on a lustrous journey of pure and complete rapture. Her enticing erotic body to body massage moves are mesmerizing. She has a total natural ability to read the massage recipient’s body as if fine tuning a musical instrument. Kikki is perceptive and receptive. A rare quality indeed. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES giving Massage pleasure!  And this is what makes her super special! Our sumptuous new ravishing Kikki is always deliriously happy, optimistic and animated. Her inner warmth shines forth. We highly recommend entering the Gates of Vegas Room Massage  with Sensational Kikki!  She will transport you to a nirvana like state of exaltation and euphoria. A truly liberating and life-changing adventure. She provides Outcall Vegas Room Massage . Her special talents are Sensual and  Nuru Massages. But she can also provide Therapeutic Massage too. Please call: (702)326-3755

About Our Services

…Unlike erotic massage which purely concentrates entirely on physical foreplay. Our Vegas sensual tantric massage is about sensual communication. It is about connection with another being emotionally and physically. This is fully enjoying the massage journey in which you will experience full sensual energy flow. With complete relaxation and an incredibly intense and prolonged climactic experience. You are encourages to breathe slowly and deeply through the nose. Also exhale slowly through the mouth and visualization techniques can intensify your massage experience. Tantric Massage is emotionally healing and a very loving process. It is not goal orientated – sexual intercourse does not feature within the journey. And our clients who use Tantric Massage report increased sensations of wellbeing. And report an even increased productivity in their daily lives. It is about bonding, pure intimacy and pleasure…