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Maya Nuru massage!
Maya performs the Japanese Tantric Massage and Nuru massage with such delight. As a highly skilled and one of our most competent Masseuse. She relishes giving all the various types of massage Las Vegas has to offer our cherished clientele. Maya Nuru massage specializes in the classic sensual massage. Especially in sensual Fantasy Massage. The Pink Diamond Massage for our Ladies, as well as The Couples Massage with the exotic styles.

Maya is a highly skilled and experienced female massage therapist. Maya Nuru massage is dedicated to helping her clients achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. With years of experience in Sensuality, she has a deep understanding of the human body.She is able to provide customized massages that address the specific needs and concerns of her clients.
Maya is known for her compassionate and caring nature. She truly takes the time to listen to her clients and understand their needs. Her Nuru massage techniques are highly effective! She always willing to share tips and exercises to help her clients maintain the benefits of the massage outside of the therapy room. Clients describe Maya as a professional and friendly girl.As a true Therapist she creates a relaxing and comfortable environment that allows them to fully enjoy their massage experience. Her attention to detail, and willingness to listen to her client’s concerns and needs, makes her a fantastic massage therapist.

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Maya Nuru Massage


Japanese Nuru Massage Specialist:
Thai / USA