Erotic Outcall Massage Vegas

The Magical Touch of Sensual Massage will make your Spirit Soar, Making you Breathless and Begging for More…

Please call to book: 702-326-3755

24/7  outcall/ delivery massage to your Las Vegas hotel room

Looking for an Erotic Outcall Massage  Vegas? If so, you have come to the right place.

If it’s a sensual body to body or tantric massage you need then we have the experienced and qualified masseuses that will give your body the relaxation and pleasure it deserves.

We have information on what you can expect from each individual treatment and photos of the lush ladies who provide these erotic outcall massages in Vegas. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking with one of our special masseuses please phone 702-326-3755

We have a full range of erotic outcall massage Vegas

treatments on our menu for you to choose from. Our body to body  massage Las Vegas is our favorite as it gives us a chance to form a close and intimate relationship with the receiver. As well as being extremely pleasurable, the treatment also carries health benefits as it helps you unclog those certain sensual urges. Please visit our body to body massage page to read more about what you can expect from this therapy.

Sensual Tantra

Our tantric massage is among the very best in the city. Starting off with deep tissue techniques to help relax those weary muscles, the session will then progress into more intimate territory with the therapist caressing and teasing your most sensitive areas. Visit out tantra massage page to see what you can expect from this therapy.

Reasons To Have a Erotic Outcall Massage Vegas

There are plenty of reasons why you should see us for a special erotic massage Las Vegas.

The first reason is to do with health, both physical as well as mental kind. If you have been in Las Vegas for a while you know what a great city it is, you will also know how exhausting it can be. Having a regular massage is a fantastic way to wind down and relax. You can relax in your own hotel room and just lay back and let us work our magic, we have you feeling at peace straight away. This is also great for your mind as well, as our therapies will get the blood circulating around your body.

We also offer specialist treatments such as Thai massage which is perfect if you have been working hard all week but still have another day’s worth of meetings to go before heading home or if you’re on vacation then come and enjoy yourself with our team of experts who are waiting to pamper you from head to toe.

Explore Your Sensuality with erotic outcall massage Vegas

The next reason why you should go for an erotic massage Las Vegas is about life experience. We do not get long on planet earth so it is always worthwhile exploring new ideas and experiences. Years ago, going for a happy ending massage may have been seen as sordid and dirty but now it is a very mainstream way for many gentlemen and ladies to do, as it is one of the most productive ways to properly relax.

erotic outcall massage vegas

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay! Call for one of our Tantricas today: (702)326-3755

1 hour :300$ (Gratuities not included), Open: 24/7

Swedish or Deep Tissue

” let my fingers do the walking and start your body talking,”  Swedish Mobile Massage Las Vegas is your “Ticket” at the end of the day. You’ll be amazed at what it will do to your sleep and “bounce” the next day.”

Quick back/neck or Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Las Vegas has its roots deep within Indian culture. Vitality increases as the circulatory and respiratory systems open up to provide fresh oxygen and vital energies plus many other benefits. 


Uses their body to glide across yours for an unbelievable experience. The combination of gentle strokes, deep tissue work, stretching movements, and sensual touch helps to reduce stress levels while providing relief from physical discomfort.

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