Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!
        Unwind, relax, and let us bedazzle you into the essence of a lifetime!

Best Relaxing Massage for Your Body and Soul

Classic Swedish massage is the best relaxing massage to Fight Stress

Stress is a side effect of contemporary lifestyle. You have to push yourself to the utmost limits to achieve success in life. In that process, your body and mind get affected considerably. So, you need to figure out a way to relax both the body and mind. One pleasurable solution would be an hour long best relaxing massage.

best relaxing massage

If you’re newbie to massage and want to reboot your system, Swedish massage is one of the best relaxing massage that comprises holistic body approach. Check out why Swedish massage is a great choice for you.

This best relaxing massage helps relieve chronic pain

Swedish massage works wonders to those who has chronic pain. For instance, arthritis conditioned patients can benefit the most from Swedish massage. Regular strokes will increase blood flow to affected areas and helps to bear the pain. Swedish massage manages malformation in many pain-related conditions.

Better Flexibility

The current work environment demands a day-and-night work. Human body cannot stand that stress. And when your brain receives stress signals, it automatically tense up all the muscles as defense. However, often doing Swedish massage therapy improves the flexibility of your by loosening your muscles. Furthermore, this best relaxing massage keeps you away from work-related damages or injuries to the body.

Immune system improvement

Unhealthy diets affect the immune system in a great deal. The additional cholesterol from processed foods and beverages reduces the immune system. Swedish massage is not only the best relaxing massage, but also the best for improving immune system. By supporting your blood flow, it keeps you away from getting sick easily. Swedish massage is ideal for boosting immune systems, which is responsible for fighting various kinds of diseases.

Avoid Depression

Fear, fatigue, anxiety, and depression are the by-product of modern lifestyle. These problems can be avoidable but not for all. This best relaxing massage also gives the remedy for mind-related issues. Emory University study in 2015 stated that cancer patients found much lower level of fatigue after few Swedish massage courses. Moreover, many clinical trials attest that massage therapy reduces anxiety and stress level, which lead to depression.

Healthy life

The long-term elevated cortisol level increases the chance of getting blood pressure, weak immune system, sleep disorders, anxiety, kidney dysfunction, depression, etc.

To lower the level of cortisol, you need to improve the serotonin level which is related to bliss’ hormone within the body. By having Swedish massage therapy, or any kind of relaxing massage on regular basis you can improve your overall well-being. A sound body leads to a sound mind and vice versa.


Sensual Massage Types for Relaxation

Choose the Best Sensual Massage for yourself

There are many different sensual massage forms  that were developed in many different corners of the world. For those intrigued to explore and experience them, they offer unique approaches and amazing sensations.

sensual massage

Swedish Sensual Massage

A Swedish Massage is most the common and standard form of massage. The recipient lies on their stomach and the masseuse utilizes long flowing strokes to generate heat and force the blood to the surface of the skin. In a conventional Swedish Massage, the back is the primary focus.  But in a Swedish ‘Sensual Massage’ touch can also be applied to the thighs and rear end or further. These enhancements remake the staid Swedish Massage into an entirely new experience.

Full Body Sensual Massage

As inherent in its title, a Full Body Massage involves caressing and touching the entire body from the scalp to the toes. Both therapist and recipient explore the recipient’s unique erogenous zones. For a truly sensual massage, the breasts, derriere and genitals can be caressed and massaged as part of a Full Body Massage. Everyone is unique and have their own erogenous zones. The purpose of the session is to discover it through power touch that awakens all your senses.

Tantric Sensual  Massage

Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit word that translates roughly to stretching and expanding. A Tantric Massage places the emphasis on cultivating sexual energy. Breathing, both deep and rhythmic, is an essential component. That is coupled with light touches and caresses to promote and direct the movement of energy around the body. Tantric erotic sensual massage seeks to help the recipient realize higher states of consciousness.

Sensual Couples Massage

In a couple’s massage the two individuals are massaged side by side at the same time by two separate masseuses. Couples sensual massage is extremely popular as the couple share the blissful experience and relaxation together. Many couples find this a very sensuous experience.

Sensual Nuru Massage

Nuru is derived from a Japanese term that means slippery. A Nuru Massage is a body to body massage, usually with the masseuse and receiver both nude or with minimal clothing. Nuru oil or gel  is applied generously and the therapist slides over the body of the recipient. The oil manufactured from Seaweed Leaves is odorless and tasteless. It is not only excellent for your skin but also plays an important role in heightening the experience and sensations.

Sensual Four Hands Massage

Again, as the name applies, a Four Hands Massage involves four hands and two people massaging the person. To maximize the sensual aspect of the experience the masseuses can concentrate on one or work different erogenous zones simultaneously.

The contrasting varieties of massages are much like divergent fine wines. They have different elements that appeal to diverse people in various ways. As a society we tend to live in our heads and are very mentally oriented, a massage especially a sensual massage can pull us back into our body and help us discover erogenous zones we never knew we had.

Erotic massage and Exotic massage Difference

Both have healing properties, but…

There are many, many, and many types of massage. It is not very easy to choose which one you want. All the massages you have heard of, and have not heard of yet, are divided in three main categories. Traditional, exotic, and erotic massage. Traditional massages are pretty straightforward. But, most clients are confused about the difference between erotic and exotic massage, since the names sound similar. If you are not entirely sure about which one offers the service you are seeking, you have got to know the difference.

erotic massage

What is Erotic massage

Erotic massage is the most contentious massage type there ever was. It has been in practice for centuries and, as the name suggests, the most sensual massage. The difference between erotic and regular massage is the body areas of focus. Erotic massage therapist concentrates on body parts that stimulate sexual energy. An important point to understand about the massage is that most such businesses are not cover for “illegal practices”. There is nothing more than therapy to erotic massage.

But, as the main purpose of erotic massage is to release stress, and trigger self-healing through pleasure, the intimacy between therapist and the recipient is greater than any other massage type. The recipient also benefits the massage if he or she is suffering from any sexual problems.

What is Exotic massage

First pointer, erotic and exotic massages are completely different in every which way. Erotic massage focuses on erogenous areas of the body, exotic massages are different types of practices that were originated in counties, places that are considered to be exotic. Totally different, huh.

Almost all oriental massages that are specially practiced in China, Japan, and Thailand are exotic massages. Just the name “exotic” is misleading, can be mistaken for sensual or erotic massage. Nevertheless, the demand for exotic massage is growing rapidly last decade as it has inevitable benefits for the recipient. An example of exotic massage would be Lomi-Lomi massage. It is originated in Hawaii and is practiced help relieve body aches and pains. Among many other Asian massages, Japanese reiki massage is quite unique exotic massage. It’s 100% body energy regulating massage and the therapist doesn’t even touch the recipient.

So, now you know the difference between erotic and exotic massages. And remember that, even though erotic massage is for pleasure, it is legitimate therapeutic massage. Not a cover for shady business.

Asian massage Tui Na’s Incredible Benefits

Best and Oldest Asian Massage practiced Today

Asian massage Tui Na is among the most practiced type of massages in eastern countries. Actually, it is the oldest system of bodywork that is practiced in this modern day. It has also been gaining popularity in western countries in last few years. It definitely has a reason why it is well liked by health enthusiasts and holistic practitioners.

asian massage

Basically, Tui Na is modified version of traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on balancing body energy. If you’re suffering from a physical illness or looking for an alternative, holistic approach to your overall well-being, Tui Na massage can be an effective option for you. Below are some of the benefits of Tui Na massage that you want to know before choosing the same old Swedish massage for you next session!

Asian massage Tui Na is the one of the main component of Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has two main elements, Tui Na massage and acupuncture. Tui Na is used to treat specific areas of the body. It also improves the energy flow in body which helps enhance digestive system and blood flow.

Asian massage Tui Na can be used with or without acupuncture

There are twelve specific points that is connected throughout the human body. If energy can flow through these twelve points without any obstacle you are healthy and happy! If, even one of the points is blocked your immune system gets poor and the chances you get allergy, cold, flu, and even some serious diseases get bigger. With acupuncture, the therapist uses tiny needles to release the energy at the points and reconnects them. With Asian massage Tui Na, the therapists mainly use their fingers and hands to balance the energy. Pushing and grasping techniques are chiefly used during Tui Na session.

Asian massage Tui Na treats some disorders

Sleeping problems, headaches, constipation, premenstrual cramps, and emotional problems can be kissed good bye with the help of Asian massage Tui Na. More than that, it can effectively treat reproductive system and respiratory problems.

It not only relieves internal diseases, but also external problems. Therapists use Tui Na massage when the recipient has stiff neck and shoulders, painful back, and slipped disk. Learn more about asian massage Tui Na. 

We now offer a special Sports Massage for Athletes.

We now offer a special Sports Massage for Athletes.

Special ports Massage Las Vegas is world renowned as one of the best forms of physical rehabilitation. This Eastern massage technique has been used by many cultures around the world.  Throughout history, the use of massage has helped athletes to overcome injury and stress. Using a variety of massage techniques, your massage therapist custom tailors your massage to meet your specific needs.

Currently, sports injuries are on the rise. Without correcting these small problems, your body will continue to suffer, resulting in a loss of peak performance. There has been a large increase in the number of individuals who engage in sports related activities. It is inevitable that professionals as well as amateurs will suffer some form of injury. Sports Massage Las Vegas has been widely recognized as a tool to enable athletes to develop their bodies, so that they may play at their peak performance. It acts as a quick aid in recovery after injury and will enhance proper functioning during training.

special Sports MassageSpecial sports Massage Las Vegas offers athletes numerous physiological as well as psychological benefits.

The mechanical effects of a sports massage includes enhanced circulation of the cardiovascular system. Due to improved circulation, you will have better permeability of tissues, relief in muscle soreness and increased flexibility. Sports Massage Las Vegas also helps in dealing with stress. It reduces anxiety, improves mood, promotes mental calmness and raises your level of alertness and concentration. Ultimately, you will feel a greater sense of well being. If you are involved in regular physical activity, Sports Massage Las Vegas recommends our therapy once a week, working in tandem with your routine to help you excel. So, whether you are a professional athlete or you are trying to stay in shape, let us help you keep your body in top physical shape.

What should you look for in massage therapist?

A professionally trained therapist who has mastered hundreds of techniques and who knows when and how to use each one of them. Many spas have a sports massage on their menu to lure new customers, without having trained therapists ready to assist you. So, you have to be cautious before you go for a special sports massage Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has experienced a huge increase of sports related activities over the past several years.

This has given birth to a growing demand for sports massage therapies. Las Vegas has many wonderful therapists providing valuable services across the city. However, it might not be convenient for you. We provide our sports massage service in the privacy and comfort of your own hotel room. You do not need to waste your time in traffic looking for massage places. You don’t have to drive. Grab your phone and call us. Tell us what kind of massage you need. We will send you an experienced practitioner directly to you.

We know your time is precious. We make it easy with our 24/7 out-call service. Direct to your location.

Get your miraculous Las Vegas Sports Massage therapy today and experience it for yourself.

Best Deep Tissue Massage Las Vegas

Best deep tissue massage Las Vegas and Learn the basics!

Best deep tissue massage Las Vegas is our hallmark in Vegas. All our therapists are trained many hours and practice constantly to provide the best deep tissue massage each one of our clients has ever had. But, not only you need more than five or six deep tissue massage sessions to get rid of your tensed up muscles, but also regular sessions to keep the knots at bay. If you or your significant other don’t have the budget or time to go to professional therapist on a regular basis, why not learn how to give deep tissue massage!

best deep tissue massage las vegas

Deep tissue massages concentrate on relieving tension deep within the body’s muscle system. To give a good deep tissue massage, you must know the basics of human muscle anatomy. From that you will learn how to accurately apply pressure without causing pain and recognize areas that need more attention. Even though professional therapists spend hours practicing, you can give a proper and pleasant deep tissue massage to your significant other by learning the fundamentals.

Best deep tissue massage Las Vegas – 1st step

Familiarize yourself with the basics of human muscle anatomy. Back area is good place to start, then arms, legs, foot, and, even facial muscles. You can find muscle images on internet and print it out and have it handy when you practice massaging someone. Try to feel and find the muscles you see in the picture.

Best deep tissue massage Las Vegas – 2nd step

Start the session by applying some massage oils on your hands and rub your hands together to heat the oil. Then run your hands on his/her back to spread the oil and run your forearm up and down one side of the back. Instead of pushing your forearm, lean in with your weight and let your forearm slide up and down. Avoid applying pressure on spine (at all cost) and ribs, or any bony areas to prevent any pain that will cause to the person having massage.

Best deep tissue massage Las Vegas – 3rd step

Use your fingertips and thumbs check out muscles and their boundaries. As you go on start applying more pressure, again, leaning into your finger. Along the way, you will find tense knots especially in the areas where muscles don’t move much, like shoulders. Those areas are often very tender and sore and need the most attention.

Best deep tissue massage Las Vegas – 4th step

Gradually apply more and more pressure on the knots using your thumbs, slowly letting it sink to the muscle. Always ask the person to let you know if he/she is in “bad” pain. If it is too painful he/she will bruise and the area will be sore and uncomfortable for days. Communication is a must as you are not professional therapist. Also, do not push with your shoulders, use your weight to penetrate into the muscle to ease those sore muscle. Work on one know no more than two minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage Las Vegas Benefits

Why to choose Deep Tissue Massage Las Vegas

Deep tissue massage Las Vegas is a body treatment and it must be performed by a trained therapist. It goes beyond light touch and relaxation and involves tissue manipulation. Studies done throughout the years show that deep tissue massage has physical and mental benefits by relieving pains and reducing stress.

deep tissue massage las vegas

What is deep tissue massage

The therapist uses their fingers and elbows to apply accurate pressure on your knots and sore spots to release the muscle tension, and they use their forearms and knuckles to reach your large muscles with consistent and high pressure. Deep tissue massage las vegas impacts your body far below its exterior muscles. It affects all major muscles as well as smaller and overlapped ones, manipulating every inch of your muscles.

Deep tissue massage Las Vegas promotes healthy heart

Study conducted at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in 2008 shows that deep tissue massage slows down your heart rate providing lower blood pressure. They did study on three hundred volunteers who had an hour log deep tissue massage. After the session they had noticeable blood pressure reduction.

Deep tissue massage Las Vegas fights off pain

In 2011, Group Health Research Institute did study on massage effect on certain types of pain. The four hundred volunteers participated in the study suffered from chronic back pain from different kinds of reasons. They divided them into four groups and each group had different treatments for the back pain, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, medicine, and physical therapy, for ten weeks. The volunteers who got deep tissue and Swedish massage experienced far less pain than the other groups and both massage types were equally effective in pain reduction, outperforming conventional treatment.

Deep tissue massage Las Vegas promotes healthy mind

Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage along with many other types of massages, reduces stress by providing more oxytocin in your system. That’s why patients suffering from anxiety and depression are advised to have regular massage sessions to improve their mood naturally.

Who cannot have deep tissue massage Las Vegas

If you are recently injured, have broken bones, pregnant, osteoporosis, blood clots, or severe arthritis it’s better to choose relaxing types of massages like Swedish massage than deep tissue massage. For other people who doesn’t have above mentioned health problems, deep tissue massage is definitely safe when performed by a professional, trained, and licensed therapists.


Full Body Asian Massage – Miracle Worker

Full Body Asian Massage in Your Room is a Must for PerfectEvening in Vegas

Full body Asian massage techniques have also had a lasting impact on different types of massage therapies in all over the world.

full body asian massage

Traditional full body Asian massage has developed into many different forms over the centuries. Below are the most popular ones:

Tui Na massage – Tui Na massage is one of the most widely used forms of Asian massage in the modern day world. It involves deep and constant strokes, kneading, and pressure applied all over the body in high repetitions, especially the back (it is best to concentrate on particular area rather than the whole body as it is quite “sore” massage type). Tui Na massage is most suited for treating chronic pains, musculoskeletal problems, sprains, strains, arthritis, problematic digestive system, liver and the spleen. It’s quite the magic worker actually.

An Mo massage – An Mo massage also incorporates many full body asian massage techniques but it differs from Tui Na massage as it focuses on the entire body. An Mo massage is used to balance, calm and relax the entire body by using energy techniques and stretching.

Shia Tsu massage – Shia tsu full bosy Asian massage applies acupressure techniques to stimulate the various pressure points all over the body. It is used to provide pain relief and to stimulate the working of the various organs.

The main full body Asian massage techniques involve friction, joint and muscle manipulation, swinging, grasping, and vibration. The benefits of these techniques include better blood circulation, and more flexible muscles. So, if you have back, chest, or limb problems, full body Asian massage is the most natural way out. They also help in improving the flexibility of the spine and gastrointestinal functions.

Essential oil to your liking and calming oriental music not only complements, but also enhances the effects of full body Asian massage by our experienced and friendly therapists.


Outcall Swedish Massage Las Vegas Benefits

Outcall Swedish Massage Las Vegas by true Professionals

Outcall Swedish massage Las Vegas is one of our most popular services. Everybody, especially if it’s their first time having massage, loves Swedish massage as therapists use gentle and firm long strokes and do not manipulate your muscles to the extreme like Thai or shiatsu massages.

outcall swedish massage las vegas

What does outcall Swedish massage Las Vegas session go?

After you book an outcall session with one of our friendly and helpful operator girls, the therapist will be at your hotel, home, or office door in thirty minutes, if the destination is near strip area. You lie on your belly on the bed with the minimal clothing you are comfortable, as the Swedish massage is mainly oil massage. The therapist begin with light kneading to warm up your body and continue with firm and long strokes along your back. Most therapist spend longer time on shoulder areas as they are usually most tensed up and need some thorough work. Then the therapist works on your arms, down to lower back, legs, and feet. After about thirty-five minutes into the session you will be asked to turn over and the therapist do their magic on your shoulders, neck, chest, arms, and the front of the legs. Most of our therapists finish their sessions with mild stretching of the major muscles of your glute, arms, and legs. The therapists use their palm, knuckles, and heel of their hands for longer strokes and they use their fingertips, especially thumbs, to give pressure on tight spots to release the tension. The main purpose of the outcall Swedish massage Las Vegas massage is to improve your blood circulation.

The main benefit of outcall Swedish massage Las Vegas

Many studies have shown that Swedish massage have some very significant benefits. To name a few, reducing knee, lowering blood pressure, relieving headaches and muscle soreness. But, outcall Swedish massage las vegas team would like to emphasize its impact on reducing fatigue, depression, and anxiety. In 2014, the University of Miami Medical School conducted an experimental study for five weeks on 24 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease in which the immune system eats away the protective covering of the nerves.

Half of the participants had 45-minute massages twice a week. The other half had standard medical treatment. The results showed the patients who had massage sessions experienced less depression, lowered anxiety, better social function and self-esteem, and improved body image. The reason is the massage decreases cortisol, which is the stress hormone, and increases serotonin, the “happy” hormones, at the same time. So, basically, whenever you are feeling stressed, tired, or down, massage can naturally heal you and put you in a better mood in no time!

Massage Therapy Las Vegas

Massage therapy Las Vegas promotes Walking!

Massage therapy Las Vegas team encourages you to walk! Walking is the simplest but the most efficient remedy for stress and weak immune system. The director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr.Thomas Frieden, said that the walking is the closest thing we have to a wonder drug. Obviously, any physical activity is good for your health, but walking has several other benefits you can enjoy without restraining yourself with intense exercises.

massage therapy las vegas


Walking eases joint pain

Studies say walk four to five miles a week and never have the fear of developing arthritis! If you already have arthritis, walking reduces the pain prevents it from getting worse. Walking lubricates the joints and builds up muscles around them to protect, especially your knee and hips, which are most vulnerable to osteoarthritis, benefit the most from walking. Massage therapy Las Vegas session also helps a great deal to reduce arthritis related pain and ease muscle tensions around the joints if you need immediate natural pain relief.

Walking fights with weight promoting genes

A study with twelve thousand participants conducted by Harvard researchers looked at 32 different obesity promoting genes to find out how strongly these genes affect body to weight gain. The effect of those genes were reduced by half for the participants who walked about an hour every day. So, by ritually walking for a few minutes everyday, you can prevent from gaining weight even if you are one of those people who put on extra pounds just by drinking water! (those genes L). Also, massage therapy las vegas session helps your low metabolism by fastening your blood circulation which in turn also boosts digestive system.

Walking reduces your craving for sugar

Smokers smoke when they are stressed, what do non-smokers do? Chocolate! (mostly) But we all know that candy bars and chocolates are not very health/weight friendly. Researchers at University of Exeter discovered as low as fifteen-minute walking reduces cravings for sugary snacks, and it also reduces the amount of chocolates and candy cars you eat when you are stressed or tired!

Walking improves immune system

A study result from Harvard shows that walking reduces the risk of getting cold or flu. Half of one thousand participants walked about 30 minutes a day, five times a week. Others exercised once or twice a week. The participants who walked had 43% less sick days than the other half and even when they got sick, the duration and the symptoms were shorter and milder. Also, one good way to boost immune system is massage therapy Las Vegas session, if you just don’t feel like walking in the smothering heat of Vegas desert.