We are a team of independant professionals skilled in the ancient art of massage. All of our team members are experienced, qualified & insured as Las Vegas Massage Therapists.

Our dedicated team wants you to be happy with our Las Vegas Massage service. Customer satisfaction is our goal. We strive to offer you what you want. This is why we are highly rated on Yelp, Google and Trip Advisor. If you’re happy with the 5 star treatments you received, please take a few minutes to rate us on Google, trip advisor or Yelp. Listening to our clients is important. Your feedback will help us to continue to improve our award winning services.

Furthermore, we are continously progressing ourselves with continuing education in Massage Therapy, research and training. As a result of our devotion, we are continuing to advance the health and wellness of our clients. By understanding the nuances of inter-personal communication coupled with award winning service we are gaining recognition and respect. Las Vegas Massage hopes to positively impact our community at large.


“Let my hands do the talking”



“Don’t be squeamish for the Swedish”


“No pain, no gain”


“Total relaxation at your comfort”


“I massage your very soul “


“You need me to Knead you”



“A Deep tissue is never an issue”

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“Calmness is a vertue”

las vegas massage therapists


“A full body caress”


las vegas massage therapists


“Relaxing or Deep, I promise to deliver”


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“A class act with passionate touch”

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“Everybody needs a good massage”

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“From Russia with Love”

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“The Massage you need
for the life you lead “


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“Slow, Deep, Total rest”


We provide only legitimate massage services by fully Certified Las Vegas Massage Therapists. We are a member of the National  Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, American Massage Therapy Association and Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy.

Working closely with your chosen Therapist, one of our numerous goals is to enhance your physical and emotional well-being. Las Vegas Massage Services truly cares for you and your health. Through the caring touch of a State licensed and registered massage therapist, your body’s automatic relaxation response will allow you to experience complete calm and tranquility. Your circulation increases, providing a healthy blood flow throughout your body as your muscles loosen and this will also normalize your range of motion.

We are Las Vegas Massage Therapists committed to protect your Privacy and we would like nothing more than to help you feel better today!