“Take a moment to relax and prepare yourself for a Mobile Las Vegas Massage Service. Make yourself comfortable and gently slow your breathing… Imagine yourself being disrobed within soft glow of scented candlelight. And imagine being slowly submerged in warm water that soothes your muscles. Feel the pleasure of lightness as the tension leaves your body and your mind begins to release your worries and anxieties. Bathe in the sense of well being that washes over you with each long, deep breath.
Unwind, Relax and Let us bedazzle you into essence of a lifetime!”

   I am in Las Vegas and I need to feel my best with Las Vegas Massage Service.

Whether you are traveling to Las Vegas for work or play, you want to be able to succeed in your endeavors. Let Las Vegas Massage Service help you to be all you can be. Las Vegas Massage offers a verity of options for Men and Woman. The qualified technician of your choice will work with you to devise a plan that will make your inner soul glow. From Aromatherapy to Shiatsu, your Las Vegas Therapist will help you release endorphins and feel as great on the outside as you will on the inside.

What types of Massages are offered?

Las Vegas Massage Service offers a myriad of services. From the highly popular Swedish massage, world renowned Thai Massage to the venerable art of Japanese Shiatsu, we have you covered. Most clients enjoy a mixture of our Swedish and Thai massage. Although each technician may have their own style, they will be able to customize you massage to make you feel your best.

Long Flight? Tired Feet? Stuck in Your Hotel? Seems like You need the Outcall Las Vegas Massage Service!

Couple Massage. Did you come to Las Vegas with that special someone? Las Vegas Massage offers couples massages. You simply request 2 Therapists of your choice. You and your partner can simultaneously experience the wonder of a Las Vegas Massage. What a special way to enjoy a Honeymoon, Birthday, Valentine’s day or your Anniversary. After a Las Vegas couples massage there is nothing like sharing your feelings of relaxation with a loved one. You and you partner will enjoy the heightend state of mind and body.

Four hands are better than two. Las Vegas Massage now offers our award winning 4 hands massage. Yes, 4 hands are better than 2. Working with 2 therapists they will transform your body and soul into a state of Nirvana.

Do you run a business? Why not spoil your employees by having our staff visit your office. Throughout Asia, this is a very common but exceptional way to boost office morale. Show your employees you care about their wellbeing and boost loyalty and productivity. Special office group rates are available.

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What ails you?

Las Vegas Massage Service can attend to your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle cramps and provide a full release of tension that can make today’s worries melt away! Are you under constant stress? Do you suffer sleep disorders or just need to temporarily revive from a great night out on the town? Las Vegas Massage’s high standard of massage care is a great way to get a better nights sleep, relieve most causes of insomnia and leave you feeling refreshed, fit to face the world again. In Most cases you will feel an enlightened state of being.

Unwind, Relax and Let us bedazzle you into the Essence of a lifetime with our professional Las Vegas Massage Service!

Aromatherapy, oils and you.

As part of our effort to maintain our incredible ratings, we now offer several new options to enhance your massage. Las Vegas Massage Therapists offers you the choice of our high quality massage products to lubricate the skin: Sweet Almond, Coconut, or Sesame Oil are very good for detoxifying the body, Argan Oil is known as the ”elixir of youth” as well as Jojoba Oil known as the king of massage oils, bearing a remarkable similarity to the oil produced by our own glands. It is well absorbed and extremely beneficial to our skin. Let your Therapist caress your skin, softening, revitalizing and nourishing it. Or simply ask for Baby oil, which is easy wash off and does not contain any smell after it is applied, perfect for our business visitors. We understand that some clients might not want any oil and that is also fine.

Our continued goal is to be at your door within1 hour of booking your massage. Your Las Vegas Massage Services begins the moment your Therapists dedicated hands touch your body. Also, we are trained and highly experienced in carrying out your Massage treatment on your hotel bed or on the floor. Massage table available upon request.

We continually strive to provide a personal, friendly and courteous Mobile Las Vegas Massage Service that you will love.

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We travel direct to you. Within 30 min by your door.

las vegas mobile massage

Voted number 1 by Las Vegas Journal Review.

las vegas mobile massage

Nationally Certified and fully licensed in Nevada.

las vegas mobile massage

Member of American Massage Therapy Association.

las vegas mobile massage

No cut off time. Treat yourself, take a hot bath.

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Compettitive and affordable pricing than hotel SPA.

las vegas mobile massage

Descreet and private with the code of professional ethics.

las vegas mobile massage

We work hollydays and weekends. Available 24/7.



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