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Las Vegas in Room Massage – Backache

Las Vegas in Room Massage – Tips for Maintaining Good Posture

Las Vegas in room massage suggests all of its clients to do exercises from light to challenging to keep their right posture to steer clear of any spinal problems. When we bend forward (we originally bend from three thousand to five thousand times a day) the three natural curves of the spine and the disks in the spine and ligaments do all the work. Such many repetitions cause wears and tears to the spinal structure overtime. If we bend our curves for longer periods, like when we slouch, or work, or study, eventually, it declines the natural curve of the spine which will cause more pressure and work for the whole back- the spine, neck, joints, ligaments, etc. las vegas in room massage Most people with bad posture do not notice the pain and change in the back until they get thirty. After the age of thirty, all the hard work placed on ligaments (mostly from slouching) in the spine causes them to tear up. It will cause more unnatural curve and misalignment of the spine. The pain usually starts as stiffness and soreness in the neck, shoulder, and mid back. And the pain and the impacts eventually branches out to head, hip, legs, and feet. But, if we keep the right posture when we do our daily activities the chances you end up looking like the Hunchback of the Notre Dame will be down to zero! Too many things we do everyday lays the foundation of spinal structure damage, including hobbies – gardening, reading, sewing etc, jobs- cashier, manual works, office works, house chores, studying, and etc.

Here are some posture tips from Las Vegas in room massage to keep your spine safe when we do our daily activities.

  • Always, always remember! Chest out, chin in, stomach tight.
  • When DRIVING, always sit upright. Your head must be touching the headrest and your back must be touching the seat. Straighten your arms out to keep your shoulders back.
  • During your working with COMPUTER, have the screen be positioned at your eye level with your chest out and chin in! Place your keyboard at the level of your elbow so that your hand would not suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Las Vegas in room massage encourages you to sit with lumber roll all the time. Not only when you are using computer, but when dining, driving, and even watching tv!
  • When watching TV, always sit up straight on your couch. No slouching. Also, don’t sit there for hours!  Get up every twenty or thirty minutes and walk around or do some Las Vegas in room massage exercises while watching tv.
  • During the  sleeping, do not sleep on your stomach if you have neck problem. Sleep on your back or on your side. When sleeping on your side, position your head as if you are looking front, not down to your body. Looking down will strain neck and spinal muscles. Also, use only one pillow. You do not need much elevation while sleeping. First, it will strain your neck, second, it will constrict your normal breath.
  • when READING, do not slouch. Place your book at the level of your eye. Also, no reading in bed ever again! Well, at least when lying on  the bed. You can sit with your full back against the headboard and enjoy your night time reading.
  • Also, when doing HOUSE CHORES, like when you are washing floor squat and kneel. It will take the most tension placed on back away.
  • When enjoying your HOBBIES, like sewing, reading, quilting etc, don’t look down for long hours. Take breaks every twenty or thirty minutes and change your position as much as possible.
All in all, Las Vegas in room massage advises you to take breaks regularly and do some easy exercises when doing anything. Don’t go marathon working on computers, reading books, or cleaning. Give a bit of time for your ligaments and muscles to relax and you are good to go!