Hotel in Room Massage Las Vegas

#1 Hotel in Room Massage Las Vegas

Hotel in Room Massage Las Vegas .

Our Tailor-made Thai Massage is crafted especially for Outcall/ Mobile services to Las Vegas Hotel. Unlike a Swedish massage, a Thai massage compresses and stretches your body rather than using strokes.

  • A Good Thai Massage is usually deep, stimulating, and invigorating. During your massage, you will remain fully clothed and the massage therapist will apply pressure on various points, loosening your muscles and alleviating joints. It isn’t called ‘lazy yoga’ for anything!
  • Or it can be given gently and no oils are required. Good for getting rid of all those aches and pains that you get in everyday life, when walking or sitting too long, it can revive your body at a pace that suits you.
  • This unique and complete system of Yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, nice stretching, and meditation.
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Hotel in room massage Las Vegas:

Every massage therapist in our company is a licensed professional. They have completed every training the state required and most of them have more than 5 years of experience. Also, most of them specialized in Asian massages, such as tui na, shia tsu, and trigger point massages. An opulent experience that provides convenience and comfort is getting a hotel in room massage las vegas. Numerous hotels provide this service, whereby a certified massage therapist will visit your room with a portable massage table and give you a customised treatment. More than that, of course, they are all experts on basic Swedish and deep tissue massages. Depending on your needs they combine and interchange different techniques from different bodyworks for your best result. Also, you may request a certain modality if you want.


Minimum hotel in room massage Las Vegas session with us is one hour. If you feel like you need more than just an hour, you can just let us know when you book the session. If you and your therapist decide that you need to extend the session, it’s up to the therapist and whether she has an appointment after you or not. Many of our clients prefer 90 minute sessions if they need deep work to relieve pain and stiff muscles. But if you have no particular areas that need extra care, then a 60 minute session is good enough.


The whole idea of Hotel in room Massage Las Vegas is that girls are hoping for the tip, because they fight the traffic to get to you or spend money for the ride. They are always on Call 24/7 waiting for your call. And this is not an easy job just to be available right away. Also, our masseuses always respect our customers and make sure they are satisfied with our services. So tipping is a crucial part of our business. Thank you for understanding and your tips are graciously accepted!….

Our pleasure will be a delight – enjoy your stay in Las Vegas with the very best happy ending!

Our Massage Therapist Team

24/7 Stand by Therapists for you

Within 35 min or less directly to your Las Vegas hotel room. 300$/h plus gratitudes are graciously accepted!
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