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Full Body Sensual Massage for Ultimate Relaxation

Ah, the full body sensual massage. What is it about a full body sensual massage that can so totally relax you? Well, consider the fact that it’s all about the whole experience, the warm touch of someone else’s hands on your skin, their expert attentiveness to your needs and desires, and their complete focus on you as a person during the entire time they’re working on you. It’s all about making you feel like royalty. Our professional masseuse who specializes in full body sensual massages will pamper you and make you feel like royalty. That’s why we love offering our services here at the Las Vegas massage center. Our staff knows what they’re doing, and they want nothing more than to help you unwind and feel relaxed after a long day or week. A heightened sense of touch is essential for sexuality. The more you are aware of your body, the better you feel. Full body sensual massage is one of the most tried and true ways to integrate the sense of touch into sexuality. The massage is also ideal for couples as an exciting and intimate way to improve their romantic and sexual life. full body sensual massage We offer sensual massage for those who want to explore and awaken their sensual energy and just have a relaxing evening. It also has tons of health benefits you would not even expect. Below are more about full body sensual massage and how it works. Full body sensual massage is widespread in eastern counties. Especially where it originated about two thousand years ago, in China and India. In India, tantric massage was developed to improve the recipient’s physical and spiritual energy. On the contrary, in western countries, massage was only used for medical or healing purposes, more physical than spiritual. But in recent years, the sensual aspect of massage therapy is becoming popular in western countries as people are rediscovering the sexual aspect of massage therapy.

What you need for full body sensual massage

For Nuru massage, we use special aromatic gel. Unlike regular massage oils, it glides easily and feels more pleasant for the skin. Some are scented gels that help relax and excite the recipient. Scented almond oil and coconut oils are good to go as long as it keeps the recipient’s body smooth for the giver’s hands. Some people giving massage use items that have different textures and materials to enhance the sensation. It could be different types of clothes, silk, or velvet.

What techniques to use

Only a few techniques are used in sensual massage. Massage giver starts with gentle, soft, slow, and long strokes throughout the whole body. Once the recipient is relaxed by the gentle strokes the giver can progress with stronger and manipulative techniques to make the session more exciting.

What are the benefits of full body sensual massage?

Aside from being very relaxing and sexually exciting at the same time, it has more health benefits. Sensual massage enhances blood flow all across the body. It also decreases the levels of stress hormones in the body. It also increases the production of oxytocin in your body which makes you feel happy and satisfied. Regular massage sessions improve immune system and overall positive development in your entire body.