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Las Vegas Room Massage

  WELCOME TO BLISS LAS VEGAS ROOM MASSAGE! Welcome to Bliss Las Vegas Room Massage! We are a premium Las Vegas Massage provider To-Go. Here at Bliss Las Vegas Hotel Room Massage. We pride ourselves on making sure that we provide our clients with the perfect massage Las Vegas. We have taken our time to make sure that we have only the very best masseuses in Las Vegas . All of our masseuses have all been extensively trained to ensure they bring you an authentic relaxing experience. No matter whether this is your very first massage or your hundredth we will make sure that it is as unforgettable as the last!

las vegas room massage


Our Room massage  has been perfected over the years to make sure that each one of our clients receives an experience which leaves them feeling completely stress-free. Looking for a completely new experience ? Then our Las Vegas Room Massage is just that. Each one of our girls knows exactly how to make sure any environment is the perfect place for you to relax. No matter where you are meeting one of our masseuses the experience will always be as relaxing as possible.


We also offer an unforgettable sensual massage! Because it is performed by our amazing masseuses allowing you to reach a new peak of relaxation. This is one of our more popular massages as it allows you to feel new pleasurable senses. Which probably will wash all the stress away. If you are looking for a more intimate massage then this is for you. We do offer in and out calls all over Las Vegas. So you can have the perfect time with one of our masseuses.


Picking the perfect masseuse for you can be difficult. We have so many beautiful girls and that is why we have tried to make it as simple as possible by providing you with all the relevant information. Also we have the most recent pictures of our girls so you can make an informed decision on which one of our girls you would like to book. We will make sure that we provide you with an experience that will leave you feeling completely relaxed afterwards. From all of us at Las Vegas with Room Massage we hope we can give you the perfect relaxing massage in Las Vegas!  

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In room massage to go

In room massage TO GO. in room massage to go

 In room massage TO GO

It is our specialties, meaning if you staying at Las Vegas Hotel our beautiful therapists will come to your door. Do you desire a sensual, erotic and spiritual tantric experience with one or two of our experienced and beautiful therapists?  But you do not have the time because your schedule doesn’t allow it ?  Then our In Room Massage TO GO service is for you! Our In Room massage TO GO is one of a kind, because out therapists are all exclusive. And your time with any of them will be unforgettable . We guaranty Best Therapist in town ! We have good reputation because all masseuses are hand-picked from all over. We are team of highly qualified Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Russian therapists.  Our girls in room massage TO GO are all completely genuine and what ever girl you choose on line will be the one who walks in your door. Your chosen therapist  will do all the work to satisfy your every need! Relax and unwind with with Las Vegas in room massage TO GO proven and guaranteed to reduce the stress and anxiety. Spend your time with beautiful young lady that always bring you some of the very best and exciting moments!

Happy new Year!

Benefits of in room massage to go:

Sensual massage is a type of massage that can have meaningful benefits to both our bodies and our souls. Understanding these benefits can help us move past the snickering “happy ending” whispers that invariably arise when anyone mentions sensual massage because those of us who insist on equating sensual with sexual are doing ourselves a severe injustice where massage is concerned. The first benefit and the one most people would think of if posed with the question is the benefit to a person’s health. The health benefit of sensual massage is twofold: First, it relieves stress. It often seems that every day doctors are diagnosing a new stress related injury or condition. Stress is an inescapable aspect of being alive and the only way to conquer it is through activities like massage that help drain off that tension before it becomes crippling. The second health improving benefit of sensual massage is the sheer fact that it is a zero impact stimulation. How many of the healthiest people around mention that they start every day with stimulation – a brisk walk, a yoga session, anything that gets the blood flowing and mind centered? For those who regularly receive sensual massage, this stimulation is provided at every session. The health benefits are tangible and understandable to most people. The other key benefit of regular sensual massage is far less substantial, but arguably more needed and definitely more lacking for most people than health enhancing stimulation. That benefit is intimate, nonsexual physical contact with another person…

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Mobile massage Las Vegas – Bliss!

Mobile Massage Las Vegas –  Will be in your hotel room in only 30 mins!

Mobile massage Las Vegas is one of the few massage services that offer some of the best therapeutic services in Vegas. We are open for twenty four hours and offer both western and oriental massage services. mobile massage las vegas If you have decided to go for a mobile massage, here is a few head ups for which type of massage is suitable for you. In MOST cases, massage therapy promotes relaxation and high levels of revitalization to the body. However, western massage and oriental massage usually differ in their approach. For example, mobile massage las vegas western massage styles are mainly based on the physical  body improvements. On the other hand, oriental massage approaches are based on promoting energy flow. Aiming at balancing energy in both mind and body. Some of the common techniques in mobile massage western massages include gliding, tapping, kneading and vibration. But the techniques used for oriental massage include rocking, striking, and rolling among many other strokes, which are a bit vigorous than western.

Oriental Style – Mobile massage Las Vegas

Oriental massages mostly focus on energy flow and balances within the body. Some of the common therapeutic strategies and approaches of oriental massages include Yoga, Qi, Tai Chi, etc. Oriental massages stimulates and soothes body joints especially along energy meridians while western massages mostly realign and restore the whole body system. It includes digestive system, nervous system, and muscles. Our oriental massage therapists assess the clients’ conditions from their tongue and pulse. When they detect any energy block, energy imbalance, they would work on the meridian pathways to let the energy flow freely. The reason you have headache, stomachache, or have heart or kidney disease, whatever the pain you are experiencing is due to the fact that your energy path is blocked.

Western Style- Mobile massage Las Vegas

Western massage mainly focuses on body anatomy, pathology, and physiology. Ultimately,  it aims for relaxation, blood circulation in the body and relieve the client from muscle tension. The therapists use various techniques including gliding, tapping as well as friction and vibration. Some of the common western therapies include deep tissue massage, sports massage and soft tissue massage. In oriental massage, all the work-outs are done on the floor while western massages are done on the table.

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Las Vegas in Room Massage – Backache

Las Vegas in Room Massage – Tips for Maintaining Good Posture

Las Vegas in room massage suggests all of its clients to do exercises from light to challenging to keep their right posture to steer clear of any spinal problems. When we bend forward (we originally bend from three thousand to five thousand times a day) the three natural curves of the spine and the disks in the spine and ligaments do all the work. Such many repetitions cause wears and tears to the spinal structure overtime. If we bend our curves for longer periods, like when we slouch, or work, or study, eventually, it declines the natural curve of the spine which will cause more pressure and work for the whole back- the spine, neck, joints, ligaments, etc. las vegas in room massage Most people with bad posture do not notice the pain and change in the back until they get thirty. After the age of thirty, all the hard work placed on ligaments (mostly from slouching) in the spine causes them to tear up. It will cause more unnatural curve and misalignment of the spine. The pain usually starts as stiffness and soreness in the neck, shoulder, and mid back. And the pain and the impacts eventually branches out to head, hip, legs, and feet. But, if we keep the right posture when we do our daily activities the chances you end up looking like the Hunchback of the Notre Dame will be down to zero! Too many things we do everyday lays the foundation of spinal structure damage, including hobbies – gardening, reading, sewing etc, jobs- cashier, manual works, office works, house chores, studying, and etc.

Here are some posture tips from Las Vegas in room massage to keep your spine safe when we do our daily activities.

  • Always, always remember! Chest out, chin in, stomach tight.
  • When DRIVING, always sit upright. Your head must be touching the headrest and your back must be touching the seat. Straighten your arms out to keep your shoulders back.
  • During your working with COMPUTER, have the screen be positioned at your eye level with your chest out and chin in! Place your keyboard at the level of your elbow so that your hand would not suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Las Vegas in room massage encourages you to sit with lumber roll all the time. Not only when you are using computer, but when dining, driving, and even watching tv!
  • When watching TV, always sit up straight on your couch. No slouching. Also, don’t sit there for hours!  Get up every twenty or thirty minutes and walk around or do some Las Vegas in room massage exercises while watching tv.
  • During the  sleeping, do not sleep on your stomach if you have neck problem. Sleep on your back or on your side. When sleeping on your side, position your head as if you are looking front, not down to your body. Looking down will strain neck and spinal muscles. Also, use only one pillow. You do not need much elevation while sleeping. First, it will strain your neck, second, it will constrict your normal breath.
  • when READING, do not slouch. Place your book at the level of your eye. Also, no reading in bed ever again! Well, at least when lying on  the bed. You can sit with your full back against the headboard and enjoy your night time reading.
  • Also, when doing HOUSE CHORES, like when you are washing floor squat and kneel. It will take the most tension placed on back away.
  • When enjoying your HOBBIES, like sewing, reading, quilting etc, don’t look down for long hours. Take breaks every twenty or thirty minutes and change your position as much as possible.
All in all, Las Vegas in room massage advises you to take breaks regularly and do some easy exercises when doing anything. Don’t go marathon working on computers, reading books, or cleaning. Give a bit of time for your ligaments and muscles to relax and you are good to go!

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Massage in Las Vegas Full of Passion

Massage in Las Vegas – Unleash your passion!

Looking for a great quality outcall massage in las vegas? If so, you are checking out the right website. Many of the outcall massage services Las Vegas do not uphold a professional attitude. That is where you can expect the quality difference in our outcall massage in Las Vegas services. Our massage services, including nuru massage, sensual massage, and exotic massage is the best in Las Vegas. massage in las vegas Sensual massage in Las Vegas is a therapeutic full body to body massage that involves one on one body experience. Have our Tantric or Nuru massage Las Vegas session and unleash the wild passion in you. Our therapeutic massage feed your soul and nourishes your mind through a magical physical body experience. And our sensual massage in Las Vegas, created to make you feel  calm, and highly cherished, is second to none not only in Las Vegas, but in the whole country. Our quality service provided by the most experienced and sweetest therapists drag in a peaceful frame of mind and make you experience the ultimate pleasure, physically and mentally.

Massage in Las Vegas – Unleash your passion!

It’s great to unwind in the privacy of your own room.  With a delightful and experienced outcall massage expert. Let our massage be the one that relaxes and revives your energy while you visit our exciting city of Las Vegas. Regardless of the time, it is never too late to make a quick call and have your next outcall experience delivered to your hotel room. Where you can splurge in the intimate and comfort that your private massage deserves. Don’t hesitate to call our operator who can advise and send the best girl for your relaxation.  Remember, Vegas is a 24 hour city so you can expect to have 24 hour outcall massage service. We are more than happy to be at your service! Click here to contact us.  

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A Nuru Massage – A Perfect Remedy for Mental Anxiety

A Nuru massage is gaining popularity as one of the best in the sensual massage category. Originated from the soap lands of Japan and eventually found its way towards the western world. A Nuru means slippery and the gel used for the massage is made from a seaweed names Nori. A Nuru Massage in Las Vegas is a body-to-body massage technique very well known around the globe for it ability to relieve mental stress and anxiety. A Nuru massage is specially performed with the Nuru gel or oil that is designed for such massage types. The oils and gels are of many times, such as odorless, organic, made with different herbs ETC. The client can if allergic can choose odorless and organic massage gel. Someone looking for a therapeutic massage can choose the one made with different herbs and so on. A- Nuru-Massage-Remedy-for-Mental-Anxiety The technique of a Nuru massage is what makes it so popular. The masseuse is in naked a client and applies a Nuru gel on the clients body as well on hers. In most the cases the masseuse are always of opposite sex, in order to create a more sensual feeling. The gel allows the masseuse to slide over the body of the client to create a sensual feeling. A professional Nuru masseuse knows how to build the atmosphere with music, lights and massage. The whole ambiance and session is perfect stress buster for anyone. In addition, the masseuse is aware for the area they need to focus on and the client can even tell them about the tension in the muscles and what they prefer more. The continues communication makes the massage a huge success and it makes the client feel rejuvenated. Apart for professional Nuru massage at massage centers, a couple can also enjoy such massage. The girl and the person can take turns and perform the massage on the partner. Such massage not only will reignite the lost spark, but it will also prove to be an actual stress buster. Many couples have made Nuru Massage in Las Vegas as their regular routine. Slowly it becomes a habit and it not only works on couple but it works on other people as well. In addition, it is perfumed with natural oil, so there is no harm to the body if preformed regular. Nuru massage is a perfect remedy for anxiety, muscle tension and for anyone looking to have a good time with their partner. If ever in Las Vegas, hire the services of OutCallLasVegasMassage for professional Nuru Massage.

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