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Nuru massage in Vegas

Will I be nervous for my Nuru Massage in Vegas?

nuru massage in VegasNuru massage in Vegas ?  This is a question that we asked regularly at our Nuru massage session  and so we thought it deserved its own page……. If you never had a Nuru massage in Vegas then yes you will be nervous before you first Sensual massage.  And this is totally normal. We would have to say that all of our clients would say that they are nervous before their first booking with us.  But this really is not anything to be worried about. It is really something however that you don’t need to be nervous about as all our tantric Asian therapists are very friendly and welcoming and will put you at ease the minute that she walk through the door of your hotel room. Our therapists are dealing with people new to erotic massage everyday and they really are great at making our clients feel totally relaxed and comfortable in this setting and can take things very slowly for them depending on how they feel. This is the main reason that we have so many loyal customers – because they are looked after the right way .

Don’t be shy….try Nuru  Massage in Vegas Today!

We make sure that your sensual Nuru massage with us will be very erotic and therapeutic as our customers would expect. We also make sure that you have good fun at the same time. If you are feeling a bit shy or nervous to make a booking with our girls please don’t be ! Please  give us a call or book us on line the most relaxing Nuru massage in Vegas you will ever have .

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay.

Call for one of our tantricas today: (702)326-3755 

1 hour :200$

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Hotel in Room Massage in Vegas Works Like This

Hotel in room Massage – How does it Work?

Our professional hotel in room massage service is available for 24/7. It is perhaps safe to say that nothing beats getting a remarkably great massage at your own comfort zone. If you are thinking of having a massage, you are almost certainly tired and you would not want to run around looking for spa or therapist and visit them. Instead you can make a single call and in thirty to forty minutes, your therapist will be at your door to unwind your body and soul! Isn’t it amazing! hotel in room massage Here is some of the frequently asked questions by our customers and hopefully you can find the answer you are looking for.

 Are the therapists licensed?

Every massage therapist of our agency is licensed professionals. They have completed every training the state required and most of them have more than 5 years of experience. Also, most of them are specialized in Asian massages, such as, tui na, shia tsu, and trigger point massages. More than that, of course, they are all experts on basic Swedish and deep tissue massages. Depending on your needs they combine and interchange different techniques from different bodyworks for your best result. Also, you may request a certain modality if you want.

How many minutes is the session?

Minimum hotel in room massage session with us is one hour. If you feel like you need more than just an hour, you can just let us know when you book the session. If you and your therapist decides that you need to extend the session, it’s up to the therapist and whether she has appointment after you or not. Many of our clients prefer 90 minute session if they need deep work to relieve pain and stiff muscles. But if you have no particular areas that need extra care, then 60 minute session is good enough. Continue here

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Mobile Massage – Bid Farewell to Your Stress

Mobile Massage goes direct to you!

There are numerous different kinds of massages practiced around the world. No matter what kind of massage and where the session takes place, whether it is fancy spa, your home or your hotel room as mobile massage, it has certain universal benefits everybody can enjoy. mobile massage Great massage session helps relax your entire body. Painful muscles, stiff joints, and most importantly, it helps reduce stress level. I cannot emphasize this wonderful effect of massage more. Stress is a risk factor for many diseases and it makes your symptoms worse. By reducing your stress, you will have much lower chance to get sick! Also you will be charged with tons of energy. When your brain detects any type of stress, your muscles get tight and your blood pressure goes up. Our mobile massage service by beautiful and talented therapists can help you relax, both mind and body, and relieve that bugging stress.

General benefits of mobile massage

A good one hour mobile massage session by well-trained and talented therapist help you relieve anxiety, depression and stress. You will feel more connected to your body and soul. Even more all your attention and focus goes to the dancing movement of the therapist’s hands. It will take your mind off of the everyday stress and worries. And enables your body to relax to the fullest. Plus, our girls will bring scented candles and soothing music to complement a wonderfully relaxing mobile massage.

Muscular and digestive system benefits of mobile massage

As mentioned above, human body reacts to stress by tensing up all the muscles. If the stress is constant, muscles stay in tensed state which eventually causes headaches, back, neck, and joint pains, and other symptoms. Also, because of stress, human body suppresses digestive system as a mean of conserving energy. It will lead to slower blood circulation and poor immune system. And if your immune system is not strong, you will be a magnet to all kinds of illness and disease. So, it is crucial to take care of your mental health and physical health at the same time, and that is when massage plays a huge beneficial role.

Our mobile massage therapists use various techniques to loosen your muscles which reduces your stress caused muscle pains and aches. Also, massage can help reinstate normal blood and energy circulation which improves immune system and digestive system at the same time.

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Best Happy Ending Massage

Health and emotional benefits of the best happy ending massage

Good massage is the most natural and efficient way to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety for everyone. There are tens of different types of massage and each is done  according to its purpose. This time I have decided to write about the best happy ending massage you could find in vegas, and its benefits. Also, people seem to be not quite clear on what exactly happens during an hour session of happy ending massage. So, this article might help you get a clearer idea.

best happy ending massage

What is happy ending massage

Our best happy ending massage is also commonly known as erotic massage. The session ends with a client having sexual climax with the help of therapist. The therapist concentrates on relaxing the whole body for the first half of the session. During the remaining half of the session, the therapist uses particular techniques to stimulate and build sexual energy, leading to extremely relaxing ending.

Therapists use happy ending massage for sex therapy sessions to increases the ability of the recipient to positively respond to sexual excitement. Also, if if someone is suffering from premature ejaculation, happy ending massage is the way to go. It will improve your performance dramatically after only a few sessions.

Happy ending massage has the following impacts on one’s body

Best happy ending massage reduces overall stress

Massage is for ultimate relaxation. With skilled hands dancing on your body, you will not have time to think or stress about your problems. Your mind will be unconsciously following the therapist’s hands, enjoying the awakening of your sensations. It is quite similar to meditation, where you only focus on your breathing, exploring how it travels through your respiratory system, and think of nothing else.

Best happy ending massage improves immune system

Sexual excitements are best known in lowering of blood pressure as well as cases of hypertension. Happy ending massage therefore helps ones in maintain their blood levels close as well as reducing hypertension.

Happy ending massage makes your skin glow

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It coves all body tissues and acts as protection. Good rub down opens up the pore and dirt, sebum, and other toxic particles will be removed.

All massages helps in reducing stress but this best happy ending massage goes further in relaxing and soothing the body. The recipient will benefit emotional, spiritual, and physical awakening throughout  the session.

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Full Body Sensual Massage for Ultimate Relaxation

What is full body sensual massage and how it works?

Heightened sense of touch is essential for sexuality. The more you are aware of your body, the better you feel. Full body sensual massage is one of the most tried and true ways to integrate the sense of touch into sexuality. The massage is also ideal for couples as an exciting and intimate way to improve their romantic and sexual life. full body sensual massage We offer sensual massage for those who want to explore and awaken their sensual energy and just have relaxing evening. It also has tons of health benefits you would not even expect. Below are more about full body sensual massage and how it works. Full body sensual massage is widespread in eastern counties. Especially where it originated about two thousand years ago, in China and India. In India, tantric massage was developed to improve the recipient’s physical and spiritual energy. On the contrary, in western countries massage was only used as medical or healing purposes, more of physical than spiritual. But in recent years, the sensual aspect of the massage therapy is becoming popular in western countries as people are rediscovering the sexual aspect of massage therapy.

What you need for full body sensual massage

For nuru massage, we use special aromatic gel. Unlike regular massage oils it glides easily and feels more pleasant for the skin. Some are scented gels that help relax and excite the recipient. Scented almond oil and coconut oils are good to go as long as it keeps the recipient’s body smooth for the giver’s hands. Some people giving massage use items that have different textures and material to enhance the sensation. It could be different types of cloths, silk, or velvet.

What techniques to use

Only a few techniques used in sensual massage. Massage giver starts with gentle, soft, and slow and long strokes throughout the whole body. Once the recipient is relaxed by the gentle strokes the giver can progress with stronger and manipulative techniques to make the session more exciting.

What are the benefits of full body sensual massage

Aside from being very relaxing and sexually exciting at the same time it has more health benefits. Sensual massage enhances blood flow all across the body. It also decreases the levels of stress hormone in the body. It also increases the production of oxytocin in your body which makes you feel happy and satisfied. Regular massage sessions improve immune system and overall positive development in your entire body.

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In room Massage- Sensual massage Health Benefits

In room massage Las Vegas – The Blessings of Sensual Massage

In room massage should be on your top ten to-do lists in Las Vegas wether you are here on vacation or business. One-hour session with one of our beautiful and talented masseuses would definitely release all your stress and anxiety. We only offer therapeutic massages, which includes sensual massage. in room massage People usually get the wrong idea when they hear the word “sensual”. They misunderstand our service as a corrupt act of sexual boundaries. It because of some erotic massage parlors and in room massage agencies that offer sexual services. Our in in room massage service offers sensual and therapeutic massage. Which have many physical and mental health benefits that are unknown to many.

Benefits of sensual in room massage

Sensual massage is a wonderful way to relax. As the name suggests, the session will help you to explore your sensual energy in new and exciting ways. Sensual massage has a number of benefits that regular massage sessions cannot provide. First of all, it awakens the senses and triggers whole body healing. Also, during the session client and masseuse share more eye contact than regular massages which allows the two to connect more. It makes the session more exiting and intimate. The most important concept of sensual in room massage is the fact that it discards the illusion of separation and loneliness. You would feel special, cared, loved, and connected, which sometimes we do not get to feel as often as we should due to our busy lifestyles.

Why in room massage?

Sensual in room massage must not be tainted with spite and suspicions. It is absolutely a legitimate physical therapy. We carry out the session in the client’s hotel room because people feel familiar and safe in the privacy of their own space. Also, it is extremely convenient for our clients as they do not have to go through hassle of going to the parlor, the traffic, the taxi, the wait, and etc. Also, it is best if the client goes to sleep right away after the session for deep night sleep and relaxation.

All in all..

Sensual in room massage is best for relaxation for body and mind. It awakens all your senses, regulates blood flow in the body, and relaxes muscles and build strength. You feel cared, loved, and connected, which treats anxiety and some other psychological issues. Just give it a try. It will be once in a lifetime delightful experience!      

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Body to Body Massage in Las Vegas

Body to Body Massage in Las Vegas. Sexy, Promiscuous & Sensual.

Body to body massage in Las Vegas is an erotic and sensual type of seductive massage. It is very close to intimate and happy ending massage. The main aim of body to body massage which we offer as an outcall service in hotels  is to give you a resounding blissful massage. A massage experience that is relaxing and therapeutic through well experienced sexy and gorgeous asian  masseuses who will use their entire body as a tool. Body to body massage in Las Vegas is the ultimate erotic massage therapy to experience. There is simply nothing interesting like a body to body massage in Las Vegas for a man of mature age to experience. While there are many different types of erotic massage available, A body to body  massage in Las Vegas is a therapeutic massage service that is truly unique in practices and experience. In this type of outcall massage, the asian masseuse uses not just her hands, but her entire curvaceous body. It is what  as a seductive “body to body massage”. This creates a more intimate, sensual and exciting massage experiences. It is an experience you will find nowhere else. Why? Our masseuses are the most beautiful and sexiest girls you would want to lay your hands irrespective of whether you are single or not. They bring a bag of techniques that experiencing it, is the best way forward for a true story maker.

What is an outcall body to body massage?

body to body massage in las vegasOutcall Body to body massage in Las Vegas means that the masseuse comes right to you in your hotel room or your home. It is a very personal type of massage where you and the masseuse will be naked. And body to body contact is used through out. You can experience this unique and nourishing type of massage right in the comfort of your own hotel room. Your masseuse will use the highest quality of body to body massage oils and use her own curves to relax you. Indulging you in one of the best sensual massage experiences of your entire life. She will be able to find your pressure and pleasure points. Body to body massage in Las Vegas begins as soon as your visiting  masseuse steps in to your  room. . She will  move on to discover and create your magic point while analysing you as an individual for erotic and sensual touch-points. Upon completion of the discovery phase, she will then bring it on, in a big basket, on full scale. This goddess comes with a bag of odourless massage oils specifically manufactured for gliding massages like body to body. The oiling of the body starts from the toes and goes up right to head. But intensifies in the middle of your body where you will be caressed as much as needed and identified during the discovery phase to release your accumulated stress and pain. She will be going forward and back massaging the back, bottom and legs . However, during the research phase, our Asian masseuse for body to body massage would have found all that needs doing as men are both individuals. So, this is not a one strategy that works for all.

Are There Any Benefits To It?

With this type of sensual and erotic massage called the body to body massage, there are both psychological and spiritual benefits, in addition to the very real physical stimulation. As you may or not be aware of, massage therapy can have many positive effects on our bodies and can help you with many common ailments. Now these can be many and varying, however, such problems helped by using body to body massage as tool includes but not limited to; aches and pains, increased flexibility and movement, even down to some mental illnesses. A few of the things massage can help with include Headaches Aches and pains Anxiety Stress Lower Back Pain Cramps Boosts your immune system Erectile dysfunction

Take a date with flare. Add even more excitement and magic to your stay.

Call for one of our tantricas today: (702)326-3755

1 hour :200$

Open: 24/7

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Tantric Massage is Better

Tantric Massage is Better than Yoga!

Tantric Massage is Better…Las Vegas is known for its high-end glitz and glamor. Las Vegas is the city that seems to offer the best of everything, right? You can dine at the best restaurants, you can shop at the best malls, and you can stay at the best hotels.   It can also be generally understood that Las Vegas offers the best types of massages, including relaxation and sensual massages. If you’re living and working here or even if you’re just visiting, you will find yourself in a perfect place to receive a good Nuru, Prostate, Four Hands, or Tantric massage. Some factors at the workplace and at home can make a guy feel down or stressed. Some of them deal with these mental or emotional strains by taking Vitamins. Rest, sleep, and the right nutrition will also be of great help.

Tantric Massage is Better

Other people believe that when they do some breathing exercises and practice yoga, they can relax and free themselves from tension and stress. Yes!  Your muscles will be prevented from becoming over-stretched during stressful situations when you regularly do yoga and you free your mind of the various issues that keep on weighing you down. But Tantric Massage is Better than Yoga. Tantric massage is very unlike in nature from the Swedish or other massage types. It does not only result in stress relie.,But it also allows you to experience a sexual fulfillment so powerful that will benefit your intimate issues. Tantric massage is Better than Yoga ,it also for your spiritual enhancement. The chief important purpose of Tantric massage is to awaken the Kundalini. Which is referred to as the sexual energy. This is a therapeutic energy of an extreme degree that seems to be inactive at the lowest part of the spine.

Tantric Massage is Better

When the Kundalini is drawn out or awakened by Tantric massage, it means that your sexual energy has been roused from sleep. You will feel you’re in a half-conscious state or a daze, a state where problems and worries are forgotten and time disappears. And you focus only on breathing and that will help you eliminate any trauma. You will thus feel very relaxed and comfortable. You will not only feel enormously cheerful, untroubled and delighted; you’ll also be able to have a healthier lifestyle. We have emphasized it before, and we make it more clearly defined here, that Tantric massage is good for you. Tantric Massage is better than anything else.  It is as simple and as easily understood as that. Having a masseuse lay her hands on your skin, manipulate your muscles, or use her entire body to massage your own form, will do extremely good for your mood and circulation.

Tantric Massage is Better

The risk of stroke and heart attack can be reduced. Because Tantric massage also deals with your intimate issues, you can also have an immense sense of wellbeing. Wherever you are in Las Vegas, get in touch with US and make arrangements to visit our massage studio, or have one of their gorgeous masseuses to come and visit you.

Tantric Massage is Better than Yoga!

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Las Vegas Room Massage

  WELCOME TO BLISS LAS VEGAS ROOM MASSAGE! Welcome to Bliss Las Vegas Room Massage! We are a premium Las Vegas Massage provider To-Go. Here at Bliss Las Vegas Hotel Room Massage. We pride ourselves on making sure that we provide our clients with the perfect massage Las Vegas. We have taken our time to make sure that we have only the very best masseuses in Las Vegas . All of our masseuses have all been extensively trained to ensure they bring you an authentic relaxing experience. No matter whether this is your very first massage or your hundredth we will make sure that it is as unforgettable as the last!

las vegas room massage


Our Room massage  has been perfected over the years to make sure that each one of our clients receives an experience which leaves them feeling completely stress-free. Looking for a completely new experience ? Then our Las Vegas Room Massage is just that. Each one of our girls knows exactly how to make sure any environment is the perfect place for you to relax. No matter where you are meeting one of our masseuses the experience will always be as relaxing as possible.


We also offer an unforgettable sensual massage! Because it is performed by our amazing masseuses allowing you to reach a new peak of relaxation. This is one of our more popular massages as it allows you to feel new pleasurable senses. Which probably will wash all the stress away. If you are looking for a more intimate massage then this is for you. We do offer in and out calls all over Las Vegas. So you can have the perfect time with one of our masseuses.


Picking the perfect masseuse for you can be difficult. We have so many beautiful girls and that is why we have tried to make it as simple as possible by providing you with all the relevant information. Also we have the most recent pictures of our girls so you can make an informed decision on which one of our girls you would like to book. We will make sure that we provide you with an experience that will leave you feeling completely relaxed afterwards. From all of us at Las Vegas with Room Massage we hope we can give you the perfect relaxing massage in Las Vegas!  

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Las Vegas Outcall In room massage

Las Vegas Outcall In room Massage

1. Find the Perfect Masseuse

There are two ways to go about finding the right lady when planning your Las Vegas Outcall In room Massage. You can either try to find an independent lady through classifieds or you can opt to use a reputable agency. The benefits of using an agency is that the whole meeting arrangement is managed by a third party for you. This can mean no unexpected surprises and a more streamlined massage experience for you. There are many tantric massage agencies offering Las Vegas Outcall In room Massage, so this can be difficult if you have not tried one before that you trust. View the gallery of ladies available and choose which one suits you best for both looks and service. The main things to look out for are original pictures of ladies and user reviews from those who have had good outcall massage experiences before you.

2. Book your Las Vegas Outcall In room Massage

So once you have decided to book Las Vegas Outcall In room Massage, you will need to contact the agency or lady usually by phone. When asked, clearly state your hotel name and room number. If booking a lady for arrival to your home, provide the full address. Be sure to mention any useful information.  Such as whether access key cards are required for lifts, or any other access arrangements that may be important. Probably if key cards are required or there is restricted access to a particular floor of the hotel you are staying in. You must go down to bring the lady up yourself. It may just be a case of informing the hotel reception that you will be expecting a guest. Sometimes a lady will have to show her ID to gain access to your room after speaking with reception. For security reasons, you should expect the agency to make a confirmation call to your room to ensure the correct room number and verify the name the room is booked under. This is totally normal for any outcall massage booking and a standard procedure for any professional massage agency as a safety precaution for their ladies. We never file or save this sensitive information and it is destroyed as soon as the booking is completed.

3. Other Considerations

Make sure the area you are having your Las Vegas Outcall In room Massage in is suitable and comfortable. If you are at home and have friends or family who tend to drop by, let them know you are busy so you are uninterrupted during your outcall tantric massage. If staying at a hotel, hang the do not disturb card on the door so you are left in peace to enjoy your session. All that’s left now is to sit back, relax and wait for your masseuse to arrive. Well folks that summarises my guide on planning the perfect outcall tantric in room massage in Las Vegas. I hope it will help when organising a visiting massage to your home or hotel. As a closing note, We offering you The Best Las Vegas Outcall In room Massage!  And  We can take the stress out of organizing this for you. Call us , to our friendly customer service team today and let them plan your perfect experience!  outcall in room massage

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